Notification System

All control platforms should have a system for notifying users when a device parameter is out of tolerance. The Blinky-Lite Alarm scanner App is a display for parameters not in tolerance but is only useful if a user is looking at the application. The alarm block has fields to notify the user via SMS, however the Blinky-Lite system must be connected to a SMS system which can be expensive to operate. As of 2024, Blinky-Lite now incorporates ntfy which an open source notification platform. The platform uses a publish-subscribe architecture which makes it ideal for notifying groups of users. The subscription topics follow the pattern:


The platform can be accessed via Android, Iphone, web browser or REST api making it easy for the user to subscribe amd receive notifications. The Blinky-Lite notification service is installed as a set of Docker containers with a Docker compose file. The resulting docker container blinky-ntfy must be exposed to an external https web URL.