Blinky-Lite Features

  • Mobility

    Most other control platforms sit behind a firewall and remote access is an afterthought. Not with Blinky-Lite. Secure remote access was the paramount requirement from the start. All Blinky-Lite applications are web apps that can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world. Web apps require no installation and you are always guaranteed to get the latest version.

  • Security

    Blinky-Lite connections are always initiated from within your facility, not from the outside, providing secure information flow from you to the machine/sensor and back. All Blinky-Lite mobile apps require two factor authentication, ensuring that only the right people have access.

  • Flexibility

    Blinky-Lite can be added independently or on top of any existing control system

  • Open source

    Every single line of the Blinky-Lite codebase is version-controlled and open allowing Blinky-Lite to grow with you.

    • No license fees
    • No proprietary software
  • Services

    Most other control platforms only offer a communication protocol, but Blinky-Lite out of the box provides:

    • Alarm Scanning
    • Publish-Subscribe and SMS Alarm messaging
    • Data Logging
    • Access Logging
    • Settings Logging
    • Application role based access
    • Data stream role based access
    • Zero-code application builder
    • Device-side restricted messaging
    • Scalar plotting
    • Vector plotting
    • User customized app launcher
    • User customized device viewers
    • Two factor authentication