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Instrumentation › Water Leak Incident at MaxIV
A perfect use case for remote monitoring with Blinky-Lite Read More ›

instrumentation › Gantner Instruments Q-series Tutorial
We have teamed up with Gantner Instruments to develop a remote access data acquisition system that provides reliable, secure and traceable data acquisition. Read More ›

Instrumentation › The MaxIV Water Leak Detection System
Presented at the ARW 2024 Accelerator Reliability Workshop Read More ›

sub-systems › The Blinky-Lite Technical Network
Secure but low-cost Read More ›

systems › Application Builder Upgrade
with 9 card types and 13 cube types Read More ›

sub-systems › Blinky-Lite Mode 0 beam stabilization system
increases beam brightness at MaxIV Synchrotron Light Source Read More ›

sub-systems › LS 224 cryogenic temperature monitor control with Blinky-Lite
including control, monitoring, and curve loading applications Read More ›

systems › Pushed Notifications now available for the Blinky-Lite logbook
with Android and Iphone native applications Read More ›

Instrumentation › Over 700 meters of Blinky-Leak system operational at the Max-IV Light Source
Complete coverage of 3GeV ring and computer server rooms Read More ›

Instrumentation › Blinky-Thermo-Cam
with JupyterLab integration for deep learning Read More ›

Instrumentation › Blinky-Leak system installed in Max-IV server rooms
Over 200 meters of blinky-leak detector was installed in the Max-IV server rooms Read More ›

Instrumentation › Blinky-Max31865 System
The Blinky-Max31865 System is a precision 4 wire temperature measurement system based on the MAX31865 chip Read More ›

Instrumentation › Blinky-Leak System
The Blinky-Leak system is an large scale ultra sensitive leak detector designed for remote locations. Read More ›

Control › Simrishamn Autoseum
A switching system for electric spot price control that saved the museum up to 8300 €/month on their electricity bill Read More ›