The MaxIV Water Leak Detection System

Presented at the ARW 2024 Accelerator Reliability Workshop

Since a substantial source of accelerator downtime and damage results from water leaks, a water leak detection system was installed in the MaxIV 3 GeV tunnel and computer server rooms in the Fall of 2023. This system is over 700 meters long and can determine leak location to within 20 meters.

The system uses low cost, off-the-shelf, IoT components. Since the system is based on IoT technology, no communications cables are required resulting in a materials cost of about 1.5 euros/meter and an installation cost of 0.2 man-hours/meter.

The system notifies users of water leaks through the MaxIV Notification system and is also available on native Android and IoS apps. Besides water leak detection, the system alarms on detector fault and communication failure.