The Blinky-Lite Technical Network

Secure but low-cost

For a startup business, it is so easy to install Blinky-Lite to control and monitor your devices. However, for security, it is good practice to have your devices on a separate network from your home or business network. With Blinky-Lite, this does not have to be complicated or expensive.

It is easy to configure one of the network ports on a Blinky-Lite box as a DHCP server which then can be connected to a simple network switch. Any device connected to the network switch will be isolated from your home network but will work seamlessly with the built-in Blinky-Lite message broker. The Blinky-Lite technical network can be extended securely to wireless devices by adding a wireless router configured as a DHCP wireless access point to the network switch.

Pictured below is a Blinky-Lite box installed on a Raspberry Pi 4 computer which costs about 60 euros. The network switch is a 5 port switch from TP-Link (TL-SG105E) which costs about 35 euros. The wireless access point is a TP-Link AC750 router which also costs around 35 euros.

A complete control system for around 130 euros.